Entry #1

First step for the Moon

2014-08-02 06:10:15 by MoonYeah

Hello peeps,

So here i am, my name is Florent (call me Flo if you want)
I'm a young french illustrator and i've mostly worked on web browser games, mainly TCGs.

This is my first steps on NG, i'm still so new to the way it's supposed to work...
I already knew the website for the flash games long time ago, but a friend of mine suggested that i could post my artworks here aswell, and that people around here might appreciate it. (i'm not seeking partnership or collective projects at the moment, i already have a certain amount of work, and those clients are counting on me (i guess...) XD)

Not sure what to do next to be honest, i guess i'm gonna have to read the FAQ, and browse the website to find the answers i'm seeking ! ^^

Anyway, happy to join, wish you a good day.

See ya all

-look around...
-where's the gallery...


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2014-08-08 13:43:46

Welcome to Newgrounds :D

Your arts are pretty awesome (with so much motion going around!).

Btw what's a TCG? I feel like i heard the word before whenever my brother head off to play in yugioh tournaments.

MoonYeah responds:

Thank you for the welcome and compliment^^

TCG means "Trading Card Game", it's a bit like magic the gathering, and yeah, same for Yugioh.